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What changes
with the new Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG) and Swiss Financial Institutions Act (FINIG)?

New testing and conduct rules

Financial analysis (legally required adequacy and suitability tests)

Required documents


More work and higher penalties

The good news

FinConPro does most of the work for you.

Would you like to
become an expert in
Fidleg-compliant consulting?

Our free e-book on
financial planning and compliance
(in German language)

How the new Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG) affects the advisory process

In this e-book, the complex legal principles and rules of conduct are explained in a practical and easy-to-understand manner. We also describe the detailed advisory process with all the legal requirements, as well as the penalties in the event of non-compliance with the law as it must be followed by all client advisors under the new Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG). Finally, we cover other obligations that are required by your professional activity, such as:

  • Registration in the Client Advisor Register – This link will be activated as soon as the Register is approved by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance (FDF).
  • Registration with an ombudsman office

Our recommended Ombudsman Financial Services Provider (OFD) was approved on June 24, 2020.

Make sure
all the requirements are met

A summary of
all important questions
for client advisors
FinConPro Compliance

Compliance refers to the adherence by companies of all legal regulations and related organizational precautions to ensure all relevant guidelines are met.
More and more, compliance will shape and influence the work of financial intermediaries in the future.

This new regime is composed of a supervisory organization, an advisor register, and an ombudsman office.

Annual audits and compliance checks are becoming increasingly important.

No reputable advisor wants to jeopardize his or her professional future because of negligence.

With FinConPro, advisors can rest assured that their consulting is 100% FIDLEG-compliant.

Proof of education required
for registration as a client advisor

The IfFP Institute for Financial Planning is one of the market leaders in the education and training of financial professionals in Switzerland. Click here for more information on the “FIDLEGsorglos” packet for helping you get started as a FIDLEG-compliant client advisor.