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FinConPro: Comprehensive online financial consulting = More revenue

Cross-selling for more sales opportunities

During this free, two-hour informational event, you’ll learn how financial professionals use comprehensive (holistic), lifecycle-based financial consulting to accompany customers throughout their entire lives, generate more sales, and create cross-selling opportunities using digital tools.

A boost for your business
“Since taking advantage of the full potential of FinConPro, I have more time for my customers and have seen a continuous rise in sales,” declares Norbert Döring of Smart Business Solutions AG in Glattfelden (Canton of Zurich).

Welcome to the future of financial consulting:

  • Customized consulting and support based on specific stages in your customers’ lives
  • As a Holistic Financial Coach, accompany customers for the rest of their lives
  • Proactive solutions for customers with regard to pensions, risks, and investments

The cross-selling generator

Legal experts recommend a FIDLEG-compliant financial analysis (suitability test) for every customer. FinConPro’s digital financial analyses and pension plans lay the foundation for comprehensive, 100% customer-driven, FIDLEG-compliant financial and investment consulting.

Financial advisors of the future base their consulting approach on the life stages and 40 life events that are integrated into FinConPro. As a result, they continuously generate new opportunities for sales.

Topics of the two-hour informational event

  • How FinConPro financial consulting software works
  • How FinConPro saves you precious time (for your customers)
  • How to create quick and easy FIDLEG-compliant financial analyses and pension plans
  • How to generate more revenue with the integrated, comprehensive consulting approach
  • How experienced financial professionals are even more successful thanks to FinConPro
  • How to benefit from the three-day Holistic Financial Coach course

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